Monday, October 16, 2017

Recap: Joy & Austin tie the knot

Four days before Joy's wedding, the family heads to the airport to meet the Dillards who are returning home from Central America.
Later on, Renee arrives for Joy's final fitting of her wedding dress. Joy is radiant in her dress. Joy is very happy with the items that she was wanting in her dress.
Joseph heads to the Caldwell family home to pick up Kendra and Lauren for a double date with Ben and Jessa. Joseph and Kendra have known each other for about six years but has only been courting for two and half months.
Lauren says that she is happy for her sister and Joe but will miss her when she gets married since they are on the fast track.
The crew heads to the house where Joy & Austin will be living. It's not ready for them to live in so the family is allowing to live in the RV next to the house while they keep working on the house.
Joseph ends up meeting with Kendra's father to ask for a blessing to propose Kendra at his sister's wedding. Her father says yes and reveals that he and his wife were grateful that Joe has honored them throughout the relationship.
Paul (Kendra's father) says that he and his wife are happy for the couple but are surprise about how fast this courtship has gone.
Joseph asks his sister and Austin if he can propose at their wedding. They both agree to it and are happy for him and Kendra.
The younger siblings head over to Cindy's house to work on the decorations for the wedding. They did not have enough gas so it causes a delay of getting there.
Jeremy and Jinger arrive from Texas a day before the wedding with the pottery for the dinner. The girls give Joy and Austin the gift that most of the siblings have added to.
Later that night, they enjoy a mexican-themed dinner and Jill and Bobby give their speeches. Bobby has joked with Austin since Austin was homeschool while Bobby attended a Christian school.
The next morning, the couple reunites in front of the church and heads to get ready. Joy wants to find out if Austin wants her hair up or down. Joy gets her dress on and reveals it to the wedding party. Jim Bob arrives and they both start to cry. Joy is the fifth child to get married and he doesn't think that it will get easier but the good thing is that she is getting married to Austin. The couple has their first look. Austin thinks that he would have lost it if he saw her first time walking down the aisle.
Jennifer is having her first time as a bridesmaid. She and Joy were buddies and is sad that her sister is moving out.
Before the ceremony the groomsmen pray over the groom while the bridesmaids line up. Jennifer starts crying so both Michelle and Joy give her a little bit of encouragement.
Austin takes his mother and Michelle out into the sanctuary. Jim Bob and Joy enter the room and Austin cry. The couple signs both their vows and marriage license. The parents come and they pray over them.
Austin and Joy have their first kiss before the Pastor introduces them as husband and wife. Austin ask his bride if she wants him to carry her out and she says no. The conefetti goes off.
Austin's mother says that the wedding was beautiful and couldn't asked for anything better.
The newly husband and wife thank everyone but Joy reveals that they are not planning to stay there long. They cut into their cake.
The single ladies gater for the bouquet toss and Joe starts to get nervous. Joy pretends to toss it but later walks over to Kendra. Joe comes out and asks her to married him and she says yes who is completly shocked.
Josiah reveals that another one bites the dust and congrats Joe for manning up.
Joy heads to change into her street clothes before they leave. They will be going to Switzerland and she is excited for skiing.
TLC has revealed that next week will be the season finale. It will feature a sneak peek at Joseph and Kendra's wedding.

New photos of Joy & Austin

TLC has released new photos of Joy & Austin on their wedding day. We have decided to share our favorites for you all.

 Check out all the rest of the new photos by checking out our facebook fan page. Our recap of tonight's episode is coming soon at 8pm (PST)

New episode tonight!

We have a brand new episode of Counting On tonight. Tonight's episode is two hours long. The Duggar family is gearing up for the wedding of Austin and Joy along with an engagement of Joseph and Kendra! 
Be sure to stay tune for our recap later tonight.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

All about Granddaughters!

On Friday, we shared all about Grandsons and today we are sharing about the granddaughters.

Mackynzie Renee Duggar was the first granddaughter born to the Duggar family. She was born on October 8, 2009 to Josh and Anna Duggar.
Meredith Grace Duggar was the second granddaughter born to the Duggar family. She was born on July 16, 2015 to Josh and Anna Duggar.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Preview: Joy and Austin Tie the Knot

Joy's wedding day is finally here after months of planning, and the final touches are added as family and friends come together to celebrate Joy and Austin becoming Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth.

Friday, October 13, 2017

All about Grandsons

Now that the Duggars have welcomed baby Mason into the world, we wanted to look back at the grandchildren. Today's blog is for the grandsons and there are a lot of them.

 Michael James Duggar was the first grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on June 15, 2011 to Josh and Anna Duggar.

Marcus Anthony Duggar was the second grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on June 2, 2013 to Josh and Anna Duggar.
Israel David Dillard was the third grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on April 6, 2015 to Derick and Jill Dillard.
Spurgeon Elliot Seewald was the fourth grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on November 5, 2015 to Ben and Jessa Seewald.
Henry Wilberforce Seewald was the fifth grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on February 6, 2017 to Ben and Jessa Seewald.
Samuel Scott Dillard was the sixth grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on July 8, 2017 to Derick and Jill Dillard.
Mason Garrett Duggar was the seventh grandson born to the Duggar family. He was born on September 12, 2017 to Josh and Anna Duggar.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

All about Mason: One month old

Mason is now one month old! It's hard to believe that he is now one month. There has not been a new photo of Mason since he was three weeks old.
This past month since he was born: He celebrated his parents 9th wedding anniversary and his sister's birthday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A few new photos!

Jill posted a new photo of her sons (Samuel and Israel) and Derick Dillard. We thought that we would share it with you all.
Anna Duggar posted a new photo of the family just right before she and Josh welcomed their 5th child into the world.
 Jeremy and Jinger posted a few new photos of their weekend together.

The Duggar family posted a photo with four out of the five children of Josh and Anna Duggar for Mackynzie's 8th Birthday photo.

Two Weeks of weddings!

You have been invited to witness the wedding of Joy Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth on October 16th.

 You have been invited to witness the wedding of Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar on October 23rd!
 Austin and Joy Forsyth got married on May 26, 2017 and a few months later Joseph and Kendra Duggar got married on September 8, 2017

All about Mason: Four weeks old

This sweet little boy is now four weeks old. He will celebrate his first month birthday on Thursday! 

This past week: He celebrated his oldest sister's 8th birthday on Sunday. 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Recap: TomBoy Joy

Jessa and the boys head over to the big house so she and Jana can create a gift basket for Joy and Austin. They plan for all the siblings to add to the basket. They are going with something old, new, borrowed and blue.
Jinger is creating something blue so she spray-paints a tub and picks many blue items into it. Jessa gathers a bunch of kitchen items that they can pass to Joy for something borrowed and she also copies many of the favorite recipes for her sister.
Josiah, Jedidiah, Jeremy head to the warehouse to find something old. The warehouse has a lot of old house items, broken toys, industrial and fitness equipment, antiques and many more items. John adds that there are a few hidden treasures because they are not sure what they are.
The boys find a camping stove and managed to get it started. Jana is getting the something new and uses markers to create hard hats with Mr. & Mrs. on them.
Joy had eight brothers around her growing up with six older ones and two younger ones.
Jeremy reveals that they got along very well and Ben revealed that Joy isn't impressed by anybody and for her to like Jeremy, it's a good thing.
Joy really enjoys being with the younger siblings. She says that her relationship with them very strong since they look up to her. She has tried to invest in their lives and spend time with them.
Joy is very close to Jill, James and Jennifer along with three others that are on her buddy team.
Before she got married, She went flying with her older brother, John, to learn the ropes of flying a plane. Austin can fly and she wants to be able to do it also.
Austin lived in Texas for many years until the age of 8. His family moved to Arkansas and met the family. He speaks highly of his parents and says growing up in a smaller family is different than the family. He also reveals that he wanted more siblings.
Joy revealed that she started having feelings for Austin when he shared his testimony at the family's home. She also reveals that she is nervous about marriage and being a wife but is excited.
Austin reveals that he is excited to have his best friend beside him for the rest of his life. He is also excited to start a family with her.

Next week's episode is a two hour special for Joy and Austin's wedding. We will also see Joseph and Kendra's engagement journey!

Describe Joy!

Joy might have gotten married in May 2017 and currently expecting her first child in a few months. Now we wanted to remind you that the family has yet to announced an official due date of Grandbaby #10.

We wanted to give the readers a chance to describe Joy in three words. 
Joy Forsyth with Meredith Duggar

New episode tonight!

We are so excited to share that there is new episode tonight on Counting On! We will be posting our recap later tonight! 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Preview: Tomboy Joy

Joy's siblings prepare some special gifts for the wedding and take a trip down memory lane remembering Joy through the years.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Joe & Kendra: Four weeks of marriage

Joe and Kendra are two days from celebrating their first month of marriage. The couple recently announced that they went for Greece for their honeymoon.

All about Henry: Eight months old

Henry is now eight months old. This past month, he welcomed a new cousin and aunt in his life. 

Right after his birthday, he will welcome his cousin, Baby Forsyth, into the world.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Vuolo family: 11 months of marriage

We are so excited to share that Jeremy and Jinger are just one month away from celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

All about Spurgeon: 23 months old

Spurgeon with Ben, Jessa and Henry
Spurgeon is just one month away from celebrating his second birthday. This past month, he welcomed his new cousin, Mason Garrett, into the world. He was saw his uncle (Joseph) get married to Kendra.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Duggar girls (18 to 20 weeks pregnant) & Seewald family photos!

 We wanted to share photos of Jill, Jessa as they were expecting their first child now that Joy is expecting her first child. 

Seewald family photo: 

Ben and Jessa have been adjusting to life with two little ones for the past eight months. In November, Jessa will celebrate her birthday along with Spurgeon celebrating his birthday. They will also celebrate their third wedding anniversary.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

All about Mason: Three weeks old

It's hard to believe that Mason is now three weeks old. Josiah posted a new photo of him (Mason).

Monday, October 2, 2017

Recap: Joy and Austin's camping Trip

Joy and Austin have three weeks until their wedding. Joy and Kendra are heading to the salon to try out different hairstyles. Joy reveals to her hairstylist that her first date with Austin was in late August.
Kendra reveals that it is her first time getting her hair done by a professional. Joy chooses to get her hair done with a full while Kendra does half back. The girls later do their makeup with fake eyelashes.
Down in CA, Jill films as the family is playing outside. She reveals that Israel loves food, talk very much and is lay back.
Austin keeps working on their house. He knows that they are not going to be fully finished with the house in two weeks but they are still hoping to have the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom finished.
It's time for their camping trip and many of the siblings and friends are getting ready for it. The plan is to go kayaking and rafting down the river, cooking out and sleeping in tents or hammocks.
Joy has lay down the law about not bringing a motor-home. Josiah reveals that their family enjoys camping as long as they have whatever they need in the camper.
Jeremy reveals that he and Jinger are not the camping type but more of the civilization type. Jana is not happy about camping but is happy that it's only one night. She is determined to have fun.
Jeremy and Jinger are picking platters for Joy and Austin's rehearsal dinner. They will be serving fajitas.
Joy reveals that they prefer to have not so wild parties for bachelor and bachelorette party.
Jana doesn't want to flip since the water could be cold. Austin flips his canoe and then Joy tries and then flips her as well.
They make it to the campsite and build tents and hammocks. They were concerned that the trees have poison ivy and so they ended up creating them with the backs of their trucks.
Jana reveals that it's mixed emotions as anyone is getting married in their family. They say it's going to be hard to let her go.
Laura host a round of a shoe game for the engaged couple. The group enjoys the camping trip.
Ben and Jessa are taking their boys with Jessa's brother (Jackson) and cousin (Tyler) to a thrift store. Jessa reveals what is going on with Tyler. Tyler's mother is having a hard time and working through it so Jim Bob and Michelle have taken him in and currently raising him. The couple ends up finding some stick horses and rocking horses. Ben doesn't want to get them since he is not sure that they will fix in the van plus Ben is not a fan of buying second hand stuffed animals  that are attached to wood and are unable to clean.
Ben feels that it's important to be patient and decided if it's a big deal or not. He knows that Jessa really wants them so he lets her. Jessa adds that they are two different people and have different ideas but it's important not to let little things become big things.
The couple ends up getting the items.

Grandbaby #10: 18 weeks pregnant

We were going to share this update later this month but decided to share it today. We are so excited to share that Joy has updated fans on her pregnancy since announcing the pregnancy on August 30th.
Joy stated on her Instagram that the baby is a size of a bell pepper which puts her at 18 weeks pregnant. It also means that the baby should arrive late February/Early March! 

This month, we will be doing some baby games (example: Birthday guesses, Gender predictions, name predictions and birth stats) so please be on that look out for those.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Monthly

* Mackyzie Duggar
* Johannah Duggar
* Joy Forsyth

All about Grandbabies:
* All about Spurgeon: 23 months old
* All about Henry: 8 months old
* All about Samuel: 3 months old
* All about Mason: 3 weeks old
* All about Mason: 4 weeks old
* All about Mason: 1 month old

* Jeremy and Jinger: 11 months of marriage
* Austin and Joy: 5 months of marriage
* Joseph and Kendra: 3 weeks of marriage
* Joseph and Kendra: 4 weeks of marriage
* Joseph and Kendra: 1 month of marriage

Counting On: 
* Previews
* Recap
* November episode preview?

Pregnancy update:
~ Joy Forsyth 

Other Blogs:
* November Birthday/Anniversary cover

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Recap

This month has been a very busy month for the Duggar family! We ended up having to do three September Birthday covers for this month.
They celebrated Jeremy, Michelle and Cousin Amy's birthday! They also celebrated Josh and Anna's anniversary along with Dillon and Amy's anniversary.
The family celebrated Joseph and Kendra's wedding along with the birth of Mason Garrett!

Preview: Joy and Austin's Camping Trip

Joy and Kendra visit a salon to get some hairstyle ideas for Joy's wedding; Joy and Austin celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette weekend with a fun camping trip; Jinger and Jeremy do some shopping for Joy and Austin's rehearsal dinner.

Cousin Amy turns 31

Happy 31st Birthday!
Did you know that earlier this month, she and her husband celebrated their second wedding anniversary?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

fourth month of marriage

Joy and Austin are celebrating their fourth month of marriage. This past month, their wedding planning has aired along with their wedding. They announced that they are expecting their first child in the new year. They watched her brother, Joseph, and Kendra get married. They also welcomed a new nephew into the family when Josh and Anna welcomed their son, Mason Garrett, into the world.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

October Episode Preview

Joy and Austin's Camping Trip
October 2, 2017
Joy and Kendra visit a salon to get some hairstyle ideas for Joy's wedding; Joy and Austin celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette weekend with a fun camping trip; Jinger and Jeremy do some shopping for Joy and Austin's rehearsal dinner.

Tomboy Joy
October 9, 2017
Joy's siblings prepare some special gifts for the wedding and take a trip down memory lane remembering Joy through the years.

Joy and Austin Tie the Knot
October 16, 2017
Joy's wedding day is finally here after months of planning, and the final touches are added as family and friends come together to celebrate Joy and Austin becoming Mr. and Mrs. Forsyth.

October 23, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Recap: Finding Joy's dress

In early May, Michelle and the girls are heading to Mount Sterling, Kentucky to find Joy's wedding dress. Jessa is bringing Ben and the boys. Jinger will meet up with the girls in Dallas. Joy says that the family is always late and it's weird for them to be early.
Since their November wedding, Jeremy and Jinger have not spent a night apart in six months. Jeremy thinks he will managed being away from his wife.
Austin meets up with Dwayne, whom is a family friend, at the house along with the boys to create the vaulted celling. Austin later meets up with Jim Bob, Kendra's father, and the brothers to go skeet shooting. Joe knows that it's a great chance to connect with her father. Pastor Caldwell believes that every father should have at least one or two guns.
Austin has taken notes to stay on Jim Bob's good side after seeing his shooting skills. He reveals that he and Joy have broken their curfew by talking along with doing their 3 second sidehug rule.
The girls and Seewalds arrive in Mount Sterling and have lunch before heading to the bridal shop where Renee has designed six dresses for her to try on. Austin is asked what he wants to see in the dress that she chooses and he just wants to see her walking down the aisle to him on their special day.
The first dress is fitted with white lace over tan fabric. Everyone agrees that the dress is beautiful however Joy wants another style. During the time in the dressing room, Joy is overwhelmed and ends up calling Austin. Austin encourages her and reminds her that she will look beautiful in anything.
    Option #2 is a flowy, white, polka dot dress. Joy likes everything but the polka dots. “I was so thankful for my sisters’ input,” says Joy, who decides that she wants more of an A-line cut.
    Option #3 is a similar fit but with sleeves and all-over lace. It is very similar to Jinger’s wedding gown.
    Option #4 is similar but with less lace and more satin.
Joy is changing and Grandma finds a dress that she thinks Joy will like because it is a skirt. The top is a little too revealing for the Duggars so Renee quickly changes the top and Joy loves the dress. Renee fits her with a veil and hands the flowers to Joy. Dress shopping is finished.
Joy returns to the group after changing. Everyone reflects on the memories and photos of Joy. Michelle reveals that they knew Joy's name before she was born. Joy ended up being sandwhiched between all the boys and she has lived up to her name.
Jana reveals that they all have a special personality and something about them that helps the family and when they get married and leave, it's missing so it is going to be hard to adjust.
Jana reveals that she is really going to miss her sister. Jenny ends up breaking down and crying since Jenny and Joy are very close.
Down in Central America, The Dillard family is getting ready to celebrate Israel's second birthday with helping Jill make his birthday cake. They end up decorating the cake with OSU orange icing.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

October Birthday Cover

Today we are so excited to share our October Birthday Cover. The Duggar family has three birthdays this month.