Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mother's Day Cover

We are so excited to share our Mother's Day Cover with you all and here it is for your enjoyment!   Be sure to check out our May Birthday and Anniversary Cover by clicking here.
This year we are introducing Jinger, Kendra and Joy to our cover! Who do you think will be in next year's cover?

New photo of Jordyn and Johannah!

The youngest Duggars are growing up so fast. Johannah will turn 13 in October 2018 while Jordyn will turn 10 in December 2018.

 The first photo is from Jason's 18th birthday and many of our viewers were shocked by how much Johannah has grown.
The Duggars recently shared this on their facebook page showing Jordyn is enjoying the Spring weather.

Monday, April 23, 2018

All about Gideon: Two months old

Gideon Forsyth is now two months old! 

This past month, it has been announced that he will have a baby girl cousin when Jeremy and Jinger welcome their baby in July 2018.

He celebrated his first Easter with his parents and family members.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

May Birthdays and Anniversary Cover

We are so excited to share our May Birthdays and Anniversary Cover! 
Be sure to stay tune for our Mother's Day Cover on Tuesday, April 24th!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Jeremy and Jinger's Gender Reveal party

Happy Friday everyone! We have a brand new set of photos to share with you all. We hope that you enjoy them.

A little over a week ago, we announced that The Duggar family will be getting their third granddaughter in July 2018.

 That's right Jeremy and Jinger are expecting a sweet baby girl.

Yesterday we shared new photos on the blog from Jeremy and Jinger's baby shower. Today we are sharing photos from their gender reveal.

The baby is due right around her cousin's 3rd birthday.

It looks like the family had a ton of fun while learning Jeremy and Jinger's baby gender.

This season on Counting On, The Duggars will learn about the pregnancy.

 Jinger is currently 27 weeks pregnant with baby girl.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jeremy and Jinger's baby shower party

Happy Thursday everyone! Just over a week ago, we announced that Jeremy and Jinger were having a baby girl in July 2018. Today we have some new photos of the baby shower that Jinger's friend was so kind to throw her.
 This baby girl will mark the Duggar's third granddaughter.

 Josiah and Lauren are currently planning for their wedding which is coming up very soon.
Be sure to check out tomorrow's post which will feature photos from Jeremy and Jinger's gender reveal.